What is Decentralized Web/ D-Web?

1. Introduction

This article is about the post-blockchain future technology that is emerging.

Today, we live in a centralized web-based communications dominated by servers.

Blockchains introduced the concept of decentralization however they don’t extend enough.

This article presents my view as well as the definition for what decentralized website — also known as dWeb.

Many article writers create proposals and discuss ideas, I created an idea and am now trying to create and bring to life the decentralized web.

2. A variety of concepts and visions

There is a variety of definitions of decentralized web like :

The ‘underdog’ – the “underdog”-decentralization is that is presented as small, independent alternatives to the solutions offered by big corporations, the “little guy” fighting the massive machine.

A few examples are smaller online media outlets that are alternatives to larger social media platforms.

Unfortunately, this kind of definition of decentralization remains focused around a particular internet website, hoping to (eventually) increase its reach and attract more users.

A service that is linked to an electronic blockchain -decentralization to the extent that the blockchain in question is decentralized.

The problem is that everything is centered around the blockchain specifically in this particular definition.

An unintended outcome of the popularity of a particular blockchain is the increase in the centralization of blockchain because fewer people are able to operate nodes on that blockchain. This is detailed in the “towards centralized blockchains” article.

Additionally, this kind of technology is focused on the way it can make money from its crypto coin/token and not on creating an economy or market around it.

In many cases , the ‘game’ is made to be rigged right from the very beginning of the blockchain. insiders such as investors and developers — are able to control or take a huge portion of the cryptocurrency supply of coins.

the replacement for an existing centralized web-based service for example. for instance. centralizing or decentralizing DNS service using blockchain-based services.

The main issue here is that the blockchain service will be an integral part of the centralized web as a substitute player in the game which is being played by the central web.

Furthermore the current service, which is free to all users, is to be replaced by an option to pay for the service by using cryptocurrency-based coins from the blockchain.

The above list isn’t only a list of definitions. The variety of definitions of the term “decentralized” could contain many more.

3. Decentralized Web is my definition

An article in the ‘let’s get rid of the blockchain’ series — on_decentralization() describes in detail the types of decentralization.

Decentralization in its true sense is accomplished by direct peer-to-peer communications between the users. I’ll say it again: there is nothing revolutionary or innovative in this concept.

However, it is a major shift in the thought process.

In the centralized web, everything revolves around servers, in a decentralized blockchain, everything revolves around blockchain technology, in the proposed decentralized web or dWeb, everything revolves around a user.

Alternatives for central search engines, such as centralized chat/email and centralized audio/video content. These, and other, solutions are required to be designed for the benefit of every user, not just the server.

4. Elements from the dWeb project

The project consists of the following components:

Sound in(microphone) as well as sound out (speaker) service

Video inside (camera) as well as video output (display) service

Text (chat) for in/out services

Communication service that uses encryption

Voice Synthesis (text into speech) service

— HTTP server which provides access to REST API

Cloud CPU that hosts a database service and a personal blockchain that can facilitate the connection of users

These elements aren’t derived from a web browser, or popular software that provides one or the other of them by calls to functions at the system level that are part of operating systems.

The above elements can be combined using the dWeb engine using a default program or a custom program that calls an engine’s REST API.

5. It’s not an open-source project however…

I could be criticized by other people for not believing in allowing open source projects.

There is generally an abundance of unreliable open source software that was created in the hope of creating a “portfolio” to be employed with a substantial income.

However, there are small pockets of open source code that is high quality which are later extensively exploited by big and powerful corporations that profit from both the free labor as well as the handsome profits generated.

A majority of people only utilize binaries of software and very few actually have the opportunity to read sources of code. Of all those who look over the source code, less are able to comprehend the functions it performs. In addition, among those who did read and comprehend the code, fewer actually create, test, and implement the program.

The project is based on the dWeb engine along with an REST API set, and developers will be able to develop upon it. The API set and the samples will be available for open-source and published to Github or Sourceforge websites. The first samples will be compatible with developers of python and HTML/java script since they are the two most developed groups.

6. Privacy — an additional benefit of dWeb

“Nosy” governments, without or without acknowledging it, love to collect any and all information of their residents and citizens.

The present model of centralized web makes it very easy to do this, and is beneficial to the goal of government collection of data.

Security agencies could (if it so chooses) use a single scoop of all the information of all the users of websites similar to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, and Google in which the data is organized according to the user’s name, date and time, content, etc.

However in the case of dWeb peer-to-peer communications, the work becomes more difficult in proportion to the amount of users. Instead of collecting data from several large websites the government agency needs to track the activities of millions (or billion) of users, and then sort and organize it – IP packets by IP.

The dWeb project is planning to incorporate encryption for communication However, even without encryption, the security of users will be greatly improved.


toward central blockchains article

let’s get rid of the blockchain — on-decentralization() article

the first page of the DWeb project

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What Do I Need To Know Before Creating A Blockchain Wallet?

by paul Arssov on Altcoin MAGAZINE

1. Intro

The title refers to a question that was posted to the Quora site and the following article is based upon my answer to it. I have added additional information and an explanation.

The variety of wallets available can be measured using a variety of dimensions:

  • popularity — from the most to least
  • ease of use from not needing to set up from noting to install…


Share your ideas with millions of readers.


The requirement is that if the term Astrology causes powerful judgments, you should stop your judgment until you have gone through the entire article.

The article combines astronomy, Astrology, technical analysts and the fundamental study of the cryptocurrency chart. Astrology, in short, examines the motion of stars, planets, and galaxies. Astrology is the study of beliefs about the impact on the universe…

   (disclosure (disclosure: I am currently developing an automated trading system that can trade foreign exchange, crypto-currencies commodities, metals, indexes and more at arstech.biz)

1. Introduction

This is the first installment in an ongoing series of articles trying to imagine the future in which alternatives to the blockchain concept are in place, already operational functioning and operational.

I am aware of this title…

written by Paul A. Arssov (disclosure by Paul Arssov (disclosure: I am working on an automated system for trading in cryptocurrency at arstech.biz)

1. Introduction

The information in this piece and as such, it is less of an opinion and more of the facts that are based on data available at the time the article’s writing (May 2019).).

The ERC20 is a smart contact standardand forms the base for programs executed on ETH and various related blockchains (EOS,Telos …). ERC721 is a more recent edition of this standard.

The article provides answers to the following questions:

How numerous ERC20 as well as ERC721 tokens are as tokens on the ETH blockchain? What is the percentage of the more recent ERC721 kind of tokens?

How many of these tokens actually listed on central exchanges for crypto-currency?

The Ethereum ecosystem is a hive of activity. The perception of a normal user is there’s hundreds, if not thousands of blockchain-based smart contracts or currencies that are appearing every day.

2. What number of ERC20 or ERC721 tokens are in the ETH blockchain? How many are the more recent ERC721 kind of tokens?

The following information was gathered through a program that called blockscout.com’s REST API sets ofblockscout.com. blockscout.com and obtained from the Ethereum blockchain.

The first Version of this program returned an array of more than a hundred smart contracts. Then it returned the following list of 165 symbol. It was then that I discovered a flaw inside the application!

Here is the first list of tokens

0 sym-SNX / Synthetix Network Token ERC-20

1 sym-WETH / Wrapped Ether ERC-20

2 sym-REP / Reputation ERC-20

3 sym-OCN / OCoin ERC-20

4 sym-PLANET / 0xUniverse ERC-20

5 sym-XYO / XY Oracle ERC-20

6 sym-SNX / Synthetix Network Token ERC-20

7 sym-WETH / Wrapped Ether ERC-20

8 sym-REP / Reputation ERC-20

9 sym-OCN / OCoin ERC-20

10 sym-PLANET / 0xUniverse ERC-20

11 sym-XYO / XY Oracle ERC-20

12 sym-0x9f8f…. / 0x9f8f…. ERC-20

13 sym-NKC / NeworkCoin ERC-20

14 sym-REN / Republic Token ERC-20

15 sym-MANA / Decentraland MANA ERC-20

16 sym-EDN / Eden Coin ERC-20

17 sym-KBC / KaratBank Coin ERC-20

18 sym-BQTX / BqtX Token ERC-20

19 sym-MLBCB / LucidSight-MLB-NFT ERC-721

20 sym-ANET / ANET ERC-20

21 sym-CK / CryptoKitties ERC-721

22 sym-OLT / Oneledger Token ERC-20

23 sym-GEM / Gems Token ERC-20

24 sym-GCC / GameCell ERC-20

25 sym-NEXO / Nexo ERC-20

26 sym-GST2 / Gastoken.io ERC-20

27 sym-CTN / Crypton ERC-721

28 sym-P3D / PowH3D ERC-20

29 sym-PKG / PKG Token ERC-20

30 sym-nCash / NucleusVision ERC-20

31 sym-U” / Dentacoin ERC-20

32 sym-OMG / OMGToken ERC-20

33 sym-MB / MonsterBit ERC-721

34 sym-MTC / Medical Token Currency ERC-20

35 sym-RBLX / Rublix ERC-20

36 sym-TFD / TE-FOOD ERC-20

37 sym-CASH / Cash ERC-20

38 sym-WPR / WePower Token ERC-20

39 sym-LAND / Decentraland LAND ERC-721

40 sym-EVN / Envion ERC-20

41 sym-JEIG / JeiCoin Gold ERC-20

42 sym-DTA / Data Token ERC-20

43 sym-RGS / Rusgas ERC-20

44 sym-TOL / Tolar Token ERC-20

45 sym-MAN / MATRIX AI Network ERC-20

46 sym-CBF / Chibi Fighters ERC-20

47 sym-SUPR / SupeRare ERC-20

48 sym-BEAT / BEAT ERC-20

49 sym-EMONT / EtheremonToken ERC-20

50 sym-EMPR / empowr ERC-20

51 sym-CP / CryptoPony ERC-721

52 sym-KEY / SelfKey ERC-20

53 sym-0x86fa0… / 0x86fa0… ERC-20

54 sym-MXM / Maximine Coin ERC-20

55 sym-ATL / ATLANT Token ERC-20

56 sym-ETHBOT / Etherbots ERC-721

57 sym-C8 / Carboneum ERC-20


59 sym-FISH / Fishbank ERC-721

60 sym-BUNNY / BunnyToken ERC-20

61 sym-BWT / Bittwatt ERC-20


63 sym-SCC / SiaCashCoin ERC-20

64 sym-LMM / Link Managenent Chain Token ERC-20

65 sym-BTCG / BitcoinGalaxy ERC-20

66 sym-TREK / TrekChain ERC-20

67 sym-SINOC / Sinoc ERC-20

68 sym-EOP / EOSpace ERC-20

69 sym-CET / Dicet ERC-20

70 sym-ETIT / ETH.TOWN Token ERC-20

71 sym-GAT / GAT Token ERC-20

72 sym-DOG / DOG: The Anti-Scam Reward Token ERC-20

73 sym-DATP / Decentralized Asset Trading Platform ERC-20

74 sym-WAB / WABnetwork ERC-20

75 sym-WNK / Woonk ERC-20

76 sym-EX / EXtereum ERC-20


78 sym-ETC7 / Ethereum Legend Coin ERC-20

79 sym-HYDRO / Hydro ERC-20

80 sym-LPK / Kripton ERC-20

81 sym-CMT / Crypto Miner Token ERC-20

82 sym-ZTH / Zethr ERC-20

83 sym-BDT / BitDATA Token ERC-20

84 sym-PDATA / PDATA ERC-20

85 sym-O2O / O2O ERC-20

86 sym-OPEX / Optherium ERC-20

87 sym-XBD / Bit Dinero ERC-20

88 sym-EON / EOS Network ERC-20

89 sym-QZT / QZ Token ERC-20


91 sym-BCT / BCT Token ERC-20

92 sym-PYT / Payther Token ERC-20

93 sym-BMAX / BitcoinMax ERC-20

94 sym-DW1STR / Dark Winds First Edition Cards (Revisited) ERC-20

95 sym-CPR / Casper ERC-20

96 sym-TBE / TowerBee ERC-20


The 98 symt-TUP/turepay ERC-20

99 sym-ZTHG / ZethrGame ERC-20

100 sym-GEX / GREENX ERC-20

101 sym-NN / Neodium Network ERC-20

102 sym-MORPH / MORPH ERC-20

103 sym-GVINE / GVINE ERC-20

104 sym-IOG / IOGENESIS ERC-20

105 sym-POC / ProofOfCommunity ERC-20

106 sym-RST / REGA Risk Sharing Token ERC-20

107 sym-CCN / CryptoCurrencyNetwork ERC-20

108 sym-XMT / Marijuana ERC-20

109 sym-BABC / Business Alliance Business Coin ERC-20

110 sym-ONTOP / On Top Coin ERC-20

111 sym-NOE / NoteOfExchange ERC-20

112 sym-EML / e-Mal Token ERC-20

113 sym-OGO / OGO Coin ERC-20

114 sym-ETA / ETA ERC-20

115 sym-ZUR-D / Zur Drafts by Zurcoin Core ERC-20

116 sym-0x2c2391f… / 0x2c2391… ERC-20

117 sym-DMX / Dreamex Token ERC-20

118 sym-JEANS / Jeans Token ERC-20

119 sym-CLM / Caelum Token ERC-20

120 sym-MGC / Magic ERC-20

121 sym-ProductionUnit / Production Unit | Moon, Inc. ERC-20

122 sym-UBN / Ubricoin ERC-20

123 sym-PWM / POWM ERC-20

124 sym-CM / CM ERC-20

125 sym-POCG / CraigsABitch ERC-20

126 sym-BIT / 8thereum ERC-20

127 sym-DDT / DailyDivs ERC-20

128 sym-STEEM / Steem ERC-20

129 sym-RMB / LIYAN ERC-20

130 sym-SB / eua, ERC-20

131 sym-0xbb991… / 0xbb991… ERC-20

132 sym-ETD / Ethereum Diamond ERC-20

133 sym-TKBC / Token Bit Coin ERC-20

134 sym-UFT / Unoflix ERC-20

135 sym-SST / SocialStake ERC-20

136 sym-J20 / JIL Coin ERC-20

137 sym-GBT / GitBit Token ERC-20

138 sym-AL / ALpay ERC-20

139 sym-LUKE / LUKE ERC-20

140 sym-0xa6ff73… / 0xa6ff73743… ERC-20

141 sym-SCALE / SCALE ERC-20

142 sym-Snow / Snow ERC-20

143 sym-WE.R.LIVE / Polymath Test Token ERC-20

144 sym-WTOA / WeTrust Token of Appreciation ERC-721

145 sym-FUNDS / FUNDS ERC-20

146 sym-YMOM / Your MOM ERC-20

147 sym-SYTZ / a,%0a…feEURse- ERC-20

148 sym-BATCoin / BATCoin Token ERC-20

149 sym-EIX / DeniX ERC-20

150 sym-GLASS/ sharespost ERC-20

151 sym-LINKURL / UrlLinkCoin ERC-20

152 sym-XRH / xurihong ERC-20

153 sym-TT / Tiger Token ERC-20

154 sym-BC12 / Bavli Coin ERC-20

155 sym-IDOL / IDOLCOIN ERC-20

156 sym-DRGN / Dragon ERC-20

157 sym-BAX / BAX ERC-20

158 sym-0xBTC / 0xBitcoin Token ERC-20

159 sym-ESS / ESSENTIA ERC-20

160 sym-ABC / ABC — Anti Bureaucracy Coin ERC-20

161 sym-EVO / Evolution ERC-20

162 sym-FSBT / Forty Seven Bank Token ERC-20

163 sym-MNZ / Monetize Coin ERC-20

164 sym-UBEX / UBEX Token ERC-20

165 sym-HOT / HoloToken ERC-20

After rerunning the program, after the correction of the issue, I’ve found a list of less than 110,000 smart contract. It took a few days for the program to run to determine the number of tokens that represent the 111,000 smart contracts.

Some tokens or smart contracts do not have the symbol or name they are recorded asthe 0x ….. Perhaps they are the beginning of the development phase of the old or new token.

Of these 110 million smart contacts,, the program did locate around 7150 tokens. A few of the names for the tokens listed match well-known crypto coins like BTC, LTC BCH DOGE… for example. BTC, LTC and DOGE. XRP(Ripple) I did discover these tokens

…3050 XRPC — Ripplecash / ERC-20

…3420 XRPE — Ripple EOS / ERC-20


..5735 IXRP — iRipple / ERC-20

…7102 XRP — Ripple / ERC-20

It’s pretty misleading ! Anyone who purchases one of these tokens that are residing in the Ethereum blockchain might believe that they are somehow connected or even has a connection to Ripple as well as its blockchain, but it is likely that there is no relationship in any way.

Another thing that is a bit surprising to me is the small amount of newly launched ERC721 tokens. It seems that only the most popular tokens within the ETH ecosystem such as — CK (Crypto Kitties) and other tokens are based on ERC721 standard.

3. What percentage of ETH ERC20/721 tokens in the blockchain are listed on central exchanges for cryptocurrency?

The data to answer the question was gathered from a computer program which scanned the information from our automated trading system for cryptocurrency at arstech.biz .

The system gathers data from more than 36 major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, all year round .

A central crypto exchange is a more or less controlled business that is operating and needs to adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction of registration. The exchange typically can convert crypto-coins into or from currency that is fiat (USD,EUR,JPY,KRW …) currency.

There are, however, some smart contracts that reside on the ETH blockchain that can function as an uncentralized crypto-exchange. They permit exchange between any ERC20/721 tokens that are on the ETH blockchain.

This is the list of ERCxxx tokens that are listed on crypto-exchanges that are centralized, as per the above collection of 165 coins which is followed by exchanges and symbols –

0. SNX — Kucoin- SX-ETH

1. REP — Hitbtc- REPETH Bitfinex- REPETH Bithumb- REP Binance- REPETH coinonerep, simex- REPETH,

2 OCN — hitbtc- OCNETH, bithumb- OCN, kucoin- OCN-ETH, huobi- ocneth, lbkex- ocn_eth,

3 XYO Kucoin3 XYO — kucoin

4 HOT — bitfinex- HOTETH, quoine- HOTETH, kucoin- HOT-ETH, binance- HOTETH, huobi- hoteth,

5 UBEX — bitforex- eth-ubex,

6 REN — huobi- reneth,

7 MANA -Hitbtc7 MANA — hitbtc MANAETH Kucoin-MANA-ETH Binance- MANAETH Bibox- MANA, huobi manaeth Mana_eth from Okex,

8. EDN — Kucoin EDN-ETH

9 KBC — hitbtc- KBCETH, digifinex- eth_kbc, bitforex- eth-kbc,

10 OLT — kucoin- OLT-ETH, bitforex- eth-olt,

11 NEXO — hitbtc- NEXOETH, huobi- nexoeth,

12 OMG -Hitbtc- OMGETH Bitfinex- OMGETH Exmo- OMG_ETH digifinex eth_omg Bithumb OMG, Kucoin-OMG-ETH Binance OMGETH coinone- omg and huobi-omgeth. simex-OMG_ETH, okexthe omg_eth

13 MTC — kucoin- MTC-ETH, bibox- MTC, lbkex- mtc_eth, dobitrade- mtc_eth,

14 RBLX — quoine- RBLXETH,

15 TFD — Kucoin TFD-ETH

16 WPR -Bitfinex WPRETH, binance- WPRETH, Huobi- – wpreth

17 DTA — bitfinex- DTAETH, huobi- dtaeth, coinbene- DTAETH,

18 TOL — hitbtc- TOLLETH, dobitrade- tol_eth,

19 Man — bitfinex MANETH Lbkex- man_eth

20 BEAT — bitforex- eth-beat,

21 KEY — Kucoin- Key-ETH, binance- KEYETH bibox- KEY,

22 MXM — coinbene- MXMETH, bitforex- eth-mxm,


24 FISH — bcex-IFISH,

25 GAT — quoine- GATETH, bcex- GAT,

26 WAB — Binance WABIETH

27 HYDRO — bitforex- eth-hydro,

28 CMT — digifinex- eth_cmt, bithumb- CMT, binance- CMTETH, bibox- CMT, huobi- cmteth, coinbene- CMTETH, idcm- CMT/ETH, okex- cmt_eth,



31 MGC — IdcmMGC/ETH

32 BIT — hitbtc BITETH,

33 STEEM — Bithumb STEM, binance-STEEMETH Huobi- steemeth

34 GBT — bitforex- eth-gbt,

35 DRGN — Kucoin- 35 DRGN — kucoin-

36 BAX Kucoin- – BAX-ETH

37 ESS — bitfinex- ESSETH,

The list shows that the majority of mentioned ERCxxx tokens are listed on one exchange.

A tiny number of tokens is listed on over 3 cryptocurrency exchanges, as shown. But further research is needed to discover the spread as well as the volume of trade.

The high spread or the difference between sell and buy price can deter the buying the first time and trading in a cryptocurrency. A low (or absence) 24-hour trading volume indicates the lack of interest and enthusiasm for trading with the particular crypto-coin.

Yet, all of the coins listed demonstrate the determination to escape out of the Ethereum blockchain bubble and be marketable on crypto-markets that are open to public trade.

4. Conclusion

As I stated at the beginning of the article this article is much more than opinions, and a lot of factual information. The two lists can be used as a basis for trading of a specific cryptocurrency or in investing in the company that issued the particular crypto-coin.

Cryptocurrencies are disruptive innovation according to professor of industry Clayton Christensen.

We are witnessing the emergence of a market that has been disrupting the financial market and has the potential to “eat the lunch” of the stock market as it is currently known.

Topics for future articles

What is the value as well as the spread and the total volume of the ERC20/721 tokens listed on exchanges that are centralized?

The analysis of the source code and roles of successful ERC20/721 tokens , which are on the Ethereum blockchain